Privacy Policy

It can often be the case then when you visit some websites you are going to have to sign up and register to see those websites. However, we want you to come and go as you please on this website and as such you are never going to be forced to have to give us any type of personal information to use this website and as such your privacy is always going to be respected.

As we are always welcoming feedback and suggestions for additional Deal or No Deal related content on this website from our website visitors we have also chosen to adopt a very strict and easy to understand privacy policy for anyone who gets in touch with us via email.

With that in mind please do be aware that whenever you do make contact with us via email, and our contact details can of course be found on the contact us section of this website, you are not going to receive any marketing material off us on the email address you supplied.

We are only ever going to use your email address to reply to any questions or queries you may have and will never sell on your email address nor send you out any marketing material via email!