Deal or No Deal Malta

Deal or No Deal MaltaThe Malta version of the Deal or no Deal has one of the smallest jackpots on offer, it is true to say that this popular television game show does offer much larger cash prizes to players playing it in different countries, however with Malta not be a large country then the cash prize is fairly substantial for the size of the island! Below you will find information of past winners of the show and we will also let you know about some very playable online Deal or no Deal games.

Playing Deal or Deal Online

So let us now begin by letting you know about the different games which can be play online for free or for real money and all of them do of course come with some sort of theme or playing structure that replicates the television version of Deal or no Deal, and remember you will always have the chance of picking your own box when playing these games and could end up walking off with the maximum prize with a little bit of luck in playing these games online!

Deal or No Deal Game – The number of online gaming sites that have available the Deal or No Deal is growing each month and as such you are always going to find a site where you can play this game online for free or for real money if you live in Malta.

Deal or No Deal Slot – We are aware that when playing online casino games most players will enjoy playing slot games and with that in mine be do be aware that there are now dozens of different Deal or No Deal slot games available at some online casino sites so shop around and hunt those potentially huge paying slot machines down!

Deal or No Deal Scratch Card – You are not only going to find slot games offering some form of Deal or No Deal theme and bonus game for some gaming sites online now offer free to play and real money Deal or No Deal scratchcard games!

Deal or No Deal Bingo – To have a much long and possibly more enjoyable online gaming session then do consider giving some of the brand new Deal or No Deal bingo games some play time as those game offer some large cash prizes and the actual ticket prices can be very low so they are very affordable games to play online!

Frequently Asked Questions about the Television Show

You may be interested in playing Deal or No Deal online as there, as just have just found out, many different versions of the game on offer on a range of uniquely structure games, however it is the television show that has gripped the nation in Malta!

Whilst it is true to say that the actual jackpot on offer on the television game show is not as high on the Malta version as is on offer in other countries there is still a lot of people who regularly tune in to watch the show.

To give you a much deeper insight into the game itself we have compiled the following section based around the Malta version of the show and by reading on you are going to find out who the jackpot winners have been and a lot of other relevant facts and figures, and if you have not yet had the pleasure of watching the show then below you will find out just which television station airs the show!

  1. Who Has Won the Top Prize?

    There have been so far just one jackpot winner of the Deal or No Deal television game show in Malta, and that winning player was Maria (Doris) Abela who won the jackpot on October 17, 2008. The prize won was €25,000 and the final offer given to the player before choosing to open the box was €19,500.

    Currently at the time of writing this Deal or No Deal playing guide there has not yet been any more winners of the Deal or No Deal game show in Malta, however as soon as another player does manage to win we will of course let you know and update this section of our website accordingly!

  2. What is the Deal or No Deal Show Called in Malta?

    The name of the Deal or No Deal Television show which airs in Malta is known as Deal or No Deal and when taking part in the television game show a player has the chance to win up to a maximum of €25,000. Each player on the show will get a turn to open their box or their case on each episode of the show with each of them being randomly selected at the start of the show, and as soon as a player has taken their turn new contestants are added.

  3. Who is the Host of the Show?

    The host and presenter of the Malta version of the Deal or No Deal television game show is Paulo Micallef the very first show in this ongoing series was aired back in 2007. The Television Channel on which you can watch the Malta version of Deal or No Deal is TVM. You will also find that from time to time the Malta Deal or No Deal show will have celebrities taking part in the show and all money won is donated to their chosen charity.

  4. How Can I Appear on the Show?

    If you or anyone you know wishes to apply to take part in the Malta version of Deal or No Deal then you are best advised to visit the website of the television channel that airs the show. Be aware that there will be an application procedure in place and all of the terms and conditions of applying to be on Deal or No Deal will be displayed on that website. However, as there is a lot of interest in Deal or No Deal your chances of being on the show will be low