Deal or No Deal Hungary

Deal or No Deal HungaryIt may surprise you to learn that in Hungary they have their own unique version of the Deal or No Deal game show, unless of course you live there and if so then you may have become hooked on its unique playing structure and format.

As part of our ongoing series of guides we are about to introduce you to a wealth of information surrounding the Deal or No Deal game show which airs regularly in Hungry.

Playing Deal or Deal Online

If you have applied to be on the show and have not been successful then all is not lost as you are going to be able to play several differently structured Deal or No Deal game online, and as such we would like you to consider playing some of the following games which are readily available to play online for free or for real money, and please be aware that there are some huge cash prizes up for grabs just like on the game show itself when you play these games!

Deal or No Deal Game – The odds of you appearing on the Hungarian Deal or No Deal game show are high if you do apply to be on the show, however you will find that you can now play a Deal or No Deal which structured in the exact same way as the game show!

Deal or No Deal Slot – The slot machine version of the Deal or No Deal game show is one on which you ill have to spin in a set of bonus or scatter symbols to trigger a bonus game which will then see you picking off boxes from the bonus screen in the hope you end up with one containing a huge amount of cash!

Deal or No Deal Scratch Card – If you want one of the easiest types of Deal or No Deal games to play online then make sure you give the scratchcard game some play time, many sites online now have it available and you can play it for any stake levels you choose!

Deal or No Deal Bingo – Bingo players will now be able to play a range of fun to play and high paying Deal or No Deal bingo games as many bingo sites have chosen to load a range of these types of games onto their bingo platform!

Frequently Asked Questions about the Television Show

You can often find that some of the television game shows that go to air in Hungary are rather dull and boring, but one show that has proven to be a huge hit with viewers is Deal or No Deal. It is due to the simply way that this game has been designed and structured that makes it a much watch show and it is not until the game unfolds that anyone is going to have an idea of just how much cash the contestant is going to win!

In fact you could watch the entire show and find the contests wins virtually nothing, however three is always the chance a player will win the top prize. Below you will find lots of informative facts and figures surrounding this game so do please read on to find out all there is to know about the Hungarian version of Deal or No Deal.

  1. Who Has Won the Top Prize?

    There have been 2 jackpot winners of the Deal or No Deal television game show in Hungary, and those winning players include Sanyi who won the jackpot 2006. The prize won was 50,000,000 Ft and the final offer given to the player before choosing to open the box was 13,000,000 Ft.

    Other jackpot winning player was Árpinak who won the jackpot on April 26, 201007. The prize won was 21,000,000 Ft and the final offer given to the player before choosing to open the box was 15,000,000 Ft. Currently at the time of writing this Deal or No Deal playing guide there has not yet been any more winners of the Deal or No Deal game show in Brazil, however as soon as another player does manage to win we will of course let you know and update this section of our website accordingly!

  2. What is the Deal or No Deal Show Called in Hungary?

    The name of the Deal or No Deal Television show which airs in Hungary is known as Áll az alku and when taking part in the television game show a player has the chance to win up to a maximum of €500,000. Each player on the show will get a turn to open their box or their case on each episode of the show with each of them being randomly selected at the start of the show, and as soon as a player has taken their turn new contestants are added.

  3. Who is the Host of the Show?

    The host and presenter of the Hungarian version of the Deal or No Deal television game show is Aron Kovacs the very first show in this ongoing series was aired back in 2004. The Television Channel on which you can watch the Hungarian version of Deal or No Deal is TV2. You will also find that from time to time the Hungarian Deal or No Deal show will have celebrities taking part in the show and all money won is donated to their chosen charity.

  4. How Can I Appear on the Show?

    If you or anyone you know wishes to apply to take part in the Hungarian version of Deal or No Deal then you are best advised to visit the website of the television channel that airs the show. Be aware that there will be an application procedure in place and all of the terms and conditions of applying to be on Deal or No Deal will be displayed on that website. However, as there is a lot of interest in Deal or No Deal your chances of being on the show will be low