Deal or No Deal Chile

Julián ElfenbeinThe long running television show Deal or No Deal has been a hit show in Chile, and as such we have compiled the following Deal or No Deal guide on which you will find all of the information about the game show itself and also we will be introducing some online games which are completely themed around the Deal or No Deal show.

So if you fancy giving any of them a try you are going to be able to do just that, and if everything goes to plan you could win some huge amounts of cash if you manage to beat the banker, so keep on reading!

Playing Deal or Deal Online

We do know that a lot of viewers of the Deal or No Deal in Chile enjoy playing the game at online casino sites, and as such we would like to present to you an overview of just some of the games you are going to be able to access and play with all boasts their own unique Deal or No Deal theme and their own unique playing structures and formats.

Deal or No Deal Game – To be in with a chance of winning big when playing any type of standard Deal or No Deal game online you should ideally be looking to play those games on which a progressive jackpot is attached as those games will award winning players who win the top prize with a huge amount of cash instantly!

Deal or No Deal Slot – To have as much fun and entertainment when you are logged into any online casino site you should opt to play those games on which a very exciting and potentially high paying bonus game can be triggered, that is exactly what you will be doing if you choose to play the new selection of Deal or No Deal slot games online!

Deal or No Deal Scratch Card – To have a low cost online gaming session that could see you winning some mega amounts cash then make sure that you get stuck into playing any of the many Deal or No Deal scratchcard games online.

Deal or No Deal Bingo – There are some brand new Deal or No Deal bingo games which have gone live at several different bingo sites and these games come with very low bingo ticket prices so you will not have to play them of high stakes if you want the very real chance of winning bingo!

Frequently Asked Questions about the Television Show

Having proven to be one of the most watched television game shows all over the world, virtually every country now has their own version of Deal or No Deal airing throughout the year, and in case you are wondering Chile has got this show on offer!

There is of course a huge cash prize which can be won and as the game itself is completely random with players initially selecting the box for each show and then randomly being selected to take part in the show each day and then picking off the boxes to open themselves, anything can and does happen as the game unfolds

Below you are going to find plenty of additional snippets of information and facts and figures surrounding the Chilean version of the show and as such we invite you to read on as the following most frequently asked questions and their relevant answers will let you know who has won the jackpot playing Deal or no Deal on the television and also a range of other informative facts and figures.

  1. Who Has Won the Top Prize?

    There have been 2 jackpot winners of the Deal or No Deal television game show in Chile, and those winning players include Mauricio Hermosilla who won the jackpot on May 4, 2007. The prize won was $10,000,000 and the final offer given to the player before choosing to open the box was 6,500,000.

    Other jackpot winning player includes Farándula who won the jackpot on August 29, 2007. The prize won was $10,000,000and the final offer given to the player before choosing to open the box was $50,000. So far there have just been those two winners of the television game show Deal or No Deal in Chile.

  2. What is the Deal or No Deal Show Called in Chile?

    The name of the Deal or No Deal Television show which airs in Chile is known Allá tú and when taking part in the television game show a player has the chance to win up to a maximum of $10,000,000. Each player on the show will get a turn to open their box or their case on each episode of the show with each of them being randomly selected at the start of the show, and as soon as a player has taken their turn new contestants are added.

  3. Who is the Host of the Show?

    The host and presenter of the Chilean version of the Deal or No Deal television game show is Julián Elfenbein the very first show in this ongoing series was aired back in 2007. The Television Channel on which you can watch the Chilean version of Deal or No Deal is Chile Vision. You will also find that from time to time the Chilean Deal or No Deal show will have celebrities taking part in the show and all money won is donated to their chosen charity.

  4. How Can I Appear on the Show?

    If you or anyone you know wishes to apply to take part in the Chilean version of Deal or No Deal then you are best advised to visit the website of the television channel that airs the show. Be aware that there will be an application procedure in place and all of the terms and conditions of applying to be on Deal or No Deal will be displayed on that website. However, as there is a lot of interest in Deal or No Deal your chances of being on the show will be low