Deal or No Deal Australia

Deal or No Deal AustraliaThe popularity of the Deal or No Deal game show has spread all over the world and if you are based in Australia then you have probably tuned into the show at one time or another, or you may be an avid fan.

If you are looking for more information regarding the game show then below you will find a huge amount of information surrounding the game and you will find it quite revealing, and may be worth reading if you are entering a pub quiz in the very near future.

Playing Deal or Deal Online

Should you want to play Deal or No Deal but feel you have no chance of ever appearing on the game show then you will find plenty of different games on offer online and also available and accessible to you when you have any type of mobile device! With that in mind below we have listed four different Deal or No Deal games which you are going to be able to play for free or for real money and by playing for real you could win a huge amount of cash just like the contestants do on the game show!

Deal or No Deal Game – The original structure of the Deal or No Deal show is available as an online game, but be aware you will have to pick a stake level to play it for and the stakes you are playing it for will determine how much you stand to win.

Deal or No Deal Slot –There are a number of multi line Deal or No Deal slots you can play online, and it is going to be when the bonus game is triggered that you can play off the Deal or No Deal based picking game so do look out for those slots online as you can also play them for free!

Deal or No Deal Scratch Card – Amazingly many casino sites will let you play a Deal or No Deal themed scratch card game online and when you do you will be able to pick the cost of each card you play off the more you wager though the more you stand to win!

Deal or No Deal Bingo – If you are a bingo player then make sure you consider playing the very unique Deal or No Deal bingo games online for there are some huge cash jackpots to be won when playing those types of bingo games online!

Frequently Asked Questions about the Television Show

Whilst some television game shows come and go one game that really has become one of the most popular and most watched television game shows is Deal or No Deal. It is the simplicity of the game which has made it a must watch TV show in Australia.

If you have seen the show recently and are interested in learning a bit more about it then please do keep on reading for we just know all of the following questions and answers will be of interest to you.

Below you will find information on the players who have won the jackpot on this game and information on the channel it airs on and also information on the host of the show, so read on to educate yourself!

  1. Who Has Won the Top Prize?

    There have been 4 jackpot winners of the Deal or No Deal television game show in Australia, and those winning players include Dean Cartechini who won the jackpot on June 17, 2004. The prize won was $200,000 and the final offer given to the player before choosing to open the box was $102,500.

    Other jackpot winning players include Anh Do who won the jackpot on September 19, 2007. The prize won was $200,000 and the final offer given to the player before choosing to open the box was $125,000. Also Leanne Benbow won the jackpot on June 2, 2010 becoming the first woman on the show to win. The prize won was $200,000 and the final offer given to the player before choosing to open the box was $115,000.

    Chris Doyle won the jackpot on August 23, 2011. The prize won was $200,000 and the final offer given to the player before choosing to open the box was $130,000

  2. What is the Deal or No Deal Show Called in Australia?

    The name of the Deal or No Deal Television show which airs in Australia is known as Deal or No Deal and when taking part in the television game show a player has the chance to win up to a maximum of $2,000,000. Each player on the show will get a turn to open their box or their case on each episode of the show with each of them being randomly selected at the start of the show, and as soon as a player has taken their turn new contestants are added.

  3. Who is the Host of the Show?

    The host and presenter of the Australian version of the Deal or No Deal television game show is Andrew O’Keefe and the very first show in this ongoing series was aired back in 2003. The Television Channel on which you can watch the Australian version of Deal or No Deal is the Seven Network. You will also find that from time to time the Australian Deal or No Deal show will have celebrities taking part in the show and all money won is donated to their chosen charity.

  4. How Can I Appear on the Show?

    If you or anyone you know wishes to apply to take part in the Australian version of Deal or No Deal then you are best advised to visit the website of the television channel that airs the show. Be aware that there will be an application procedure in place and all of the terms and conditions of applying to be on Deal or No Deal will be displayed on that website. However, as there is a lot of interest in Deal or No Deal your chances of being on the show will be low